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Our Solar and Energy Efficiency Services


Our Energy Efficiency services

Residential Solar

Generate your own energy and save on electricity bills

Residential Solar

Generate your own energy and save on electricity bills

Batteries and Backup

Adding batteries will provide 24 hours of self sufficiency and with backup capabilities, even blackouts will be a problem of the past

Batteries and Backup

Adding batteries will provide 24 hours of self sufficiency and with backup capabilities, even blackouts will be a problem of the past

Hot Water

Converting to efficient hot water heat pumps, you can further reduce gas / electricity bills

Hot Water

Converting to efficient hot water heat pumps, you can further reduce gas / electricity bills

EV Charging

EVs emit no exhaust and to ensure you are really green, use your solar to charge them whilst saving money

EV Charging

EVs emit no exhaust and to ensure you are really green, use your solar to charge them whilst saving money


Solar for your home

Generate your own energy with solar panels and inverters and save on electricity bills

How does solar work?

A solar system consists of solar panels on the roof and inverters either under the panels or on a wall. The panels generate DC power and the inverters convert that to usable power to be used in the home.  The inverters synchronise with the grid so you have seamless power no matter what the weather is like outside. Any excess power goes back to the grid reducing our overall reliance on fossil fuels.

You can also choose to add a solar battery to store excess power for use at night and even provide power during a blackout.

What are the benefits of solar?

Going solar can help you reduce your energy bills while helping the environment. Instead of using dirty grid power, you use free clean energy directly from the sun. A quality well installed system can work for at least 10 years in which time it easily pays for itself and with some care, they can last 25+ years. As electricity prices continue to rise, the savings will only get better!

By adding a battery, you can have 24 hours of sun powering your home with the option of blackout backup. This is important in rural areas where power could be out for long periods of time. Having to move out, losing everything in fridges and freezers, losing ability to run a business all have significant costs which can be avoided. 

Why choose 3 Phase Solar?

We have been providing solar power systems to Sunbury and the Macedon Ranges since 2017. We have a reputation for providing quality advice, systems and support and will find us active in local Facebook groups.

We use the best products on the market to ensure you have a system that is built to last, maximising those benefits for the long term.

We only use experienced qualified solar electricians to safely install your panels.

By using the beautiful panels and all black racking, and designing the system with aesthetics in mind, you can maximise energy generation and add value to your home.

Being a local company, we are available for support and troubleshooting at short notice. With advanced monitoring on every system, you can rest easy knowing your system will be perform it’s best for years to come.

What size do you need?

What size you need is best discussed with our local experts who will work with you on  a custom solar solution. System sizes are currently averaging around 8.5 kilowatts (kW) but can be as small as just a few kilowatts and as big as the number of panels your roof can take.

How much can you save?

A small household with a small 6.5kW system could save $1000 a year. A larger household with a 13kW system could save closer to $2000 a year. It is dependent on your actual energy usage profile. Our consultants will ask questions to determine how much you will actually save which will be shown on your quote.

The Solar Process

How it works



Book a quote so we can discuss your requirements in detail and rebate eligibility so we can deliver the right solution for you



Rebates are confirmed, network approvals sought and installation booked in



Our fully accredited installers will attend on the day provided and complete the work safely and to a high standard



We ensure all the required network connections and rebate requirements are completed and confirm your system is monitored



We actively monitor your system and are always available by phone or email if you have questions

All along the process we will communicate with you what is happening. You can always reach out to our team and we will be happy to help.


Solar Batteries

Batteries for storing your own solar energy for use at night and in blackouts

SolarEdge, Redback and BYD Batteries

Your solar PV system generates electricity, and you either use it immediately or feed it into the grid and receive a small credit from your electricity provider. At night, you then purchase energy at full price from the same provider. Unfortunately, electricity prices are rising, and solar credits are decreasing. Without a battery, you may end up with a significant bill if you use a lot of energy after the sun goes down.

Adding a solar battery means you can store the excess solar energy during the day, ensuring you have a reliable power source all day and night.

At night, the battery starts supplying your home with the stored energy. This means you can continue using solar power even when the sun isn’t shining and even when you have a power outage.

3 Phase Solar has a solution to suit your individual household needs, offering an extensive range of solar battery sizes and leading brands. Our experts will assess your situation and come up with the right solution to enable you to take charge of your bills.

Heat Pump

Hot Water Systems

Using energy-efficient heat pumps for water heating is the perfect partner for a solar power system

Install iStore Heat Pump

Get more from your solar system with a quiet and environmentally-friendly heat pump hot water solution. Heat pumps extract free energy from the air to heat your water. Even when it is cold, there is still useful energy in the air. When paired with a solar system, it becomes an energy storage medium: your solar energy is converted to heat energy stored in the water tank for use whenever you need it.

By scheduling your heat pump to run during the day you will be using your own solar power. This makes it the most cost effective way to heat your water. 

If you don’t have solar yet, you can schedule it to run during off-peak energy rate periods.

We recommend iStore heat pumps for their reliability and fantastic customer service. A quality product will ensure long term savings. They are eligible for the STCs, the Victorian hot water rebate and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates making them very affordable..

For smaller households there is the iStore 180L which is suitable for 1 to 3 people.

Our most popular product is the iStore 270L which is suitable for heavier users or larger households of 3 to 5 people.

We use experienced local experts to install your heat pump and provide excellent support and troubleshooting.

Electric Vehicle

EV Charging

Charge your car at home 3 to 10 times faster!

The charger provided with your new electric vehicle is plugged into a standard power outlet that only provides a trickle charge. It could easily take a whole day of charging to fully charge the battery.  For a single phase home, we can hard wire a 7kW home electric vehicle (EV) charger that can give you up to 30km or 40km driving range per hour of charging. That’s about three times faster than a standard power outlet. If you have 3 phase power at home, a 22kW EV charger can provide closer to 100km range per hour. There will be no more range anxiety when you can charge that quickly at home and at anytime. 

Why Choose 3 Phase Solar  Electric Vehicle Charging

Charging your EV at home is easy and cheaper than using charging stations – you only pay your usual rate of electricity or with solar, your own free energy

You can set charging schedules so that you only charge at times when electricity is the cheapest

We only use qualified and experienced electricians to install your new EV charger.

Our EV Chargers are made for Australian conditions. They can be installed indoors or outdoor and come with a minimum 2 year warranty.

Charge your Electric Vehicle with clean solar energy

Electric vehicles are perfect for home owners with a solar power system, the larger the better. Our EV charges can be configured to run mostly or even 100% of your own solar power. Using renewable energy is a cleaner, more economical way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Since our chargers can charge at up to 7kW and can run from a combination of solar and the grid, any size solar system will be beneficial. If you expect to charge during the daytime fairly often, we would recommend a 10kW+ solar system to maximise the use of your own solar power to charge the car on top of powering your home.

Our EV Chargers

We have a few different chargers available. If you have an quality existing solar power system like Fronius or SolarEdge, we strongly recommend using the same brand EV Charger as they are designed to work together. If you don’t have solar, then you can use any brand EV charger.


If you have an existing SolarEdge system, the the SolarEdge Home EV charger is the ultimate charger for you. You can use up to 100% renewable energy by using excess-solar mode. It is fully integrated into the SolarEdge ecosystem using the same mobile app.

This 7kW EV charger comes with an industry leading 3 year warranty.

Find out more here: SolarEdge Home EV Chargers


If you have an existing Fronius system, the the Fronius Wattpilot EV charger is the charger for you. It comes in a Home version (fixed wiring) and a Go version (plug in). They can be used for single phase and 3 phase properties. For single phase, it can charge at up to 7kW and on 3 phase it can charge at up to 22kW. You can use your surplus solar energy by using intelligent charging. It integrates into the Fronius Solar.web app.

The EV Charger comes with a 2 year warranty.

Find our more here: Fronius e-mobility solutions