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Solar Rebates, Battery Rebates and Hot Water Rebates

Government rebates and incentives

Rebates For Energy Efficient Homes

There are plenty of reasons to install solar and make you home more energy efficient. Thanks to the many rebates rebates and incentives from both the Australian Federal and Victorian Governments, it is now cheaper to perform the upgrades to reduce your energy costs. 

Installing panels on your home is not only a great way to reduce your long-term energy bills, but the government may provide thousands in upfront discounts to make it more affordable. Installing solar alone could save you over $1000 a year depending on your circumstances. Adding a battery system to it could save you an additional $600+ per year. 

Installing a heat pump for hot water to replace a gas or electric heating system can greatly reduce your energy needs. Running the heat pump during the daytime, primarily from solar power, can reduce your hot water heating cost to perhaps $50 a year. If replacing gas and it’s the last gas appliance, you can disconnect the gas and save the daily charge saving $360 a year (plus the reduction in gas usage!).

There are many rebates and incentives available so below we discuss what discounts are available, who is eligible for them and how they are obtained. Rebates are just one part of the big picture when buying energy upgrades. It is best to speak to an expert to ensure you are getting the best solution for your needs so fill in the form below and we will be in touch. 

Australian solar rebate

Small-scale Technology Certificates

The main and longest running incentive scheme is the small-scale technology certificates. They are usually referred to as STCs. This is an Australia-wide scheme run by the Clean Energy Regulator offering financial incentives for people to install small-scale solar systems. STCs are also available for energy efficient hot water systems, like heat pumps, that replace inefficient heating systems.

The number of STCs you are eligible for is dependent on your location, installation date and the amount of electricity expected to be generated (or displaced for hot water systems) in megawatt MWh by 2030. These STCs can then be traded on the market. This is difficult to do yourself so retailers normally do this for you through a trader and offer you an upfront discount on the quote.

Since there are no eligibility requirements for this scheme, the discount is automatically applied by retailers when quoting the final price.

A typical 6.6kW system in Sunbury or the Macedon Ranges is worth about $2200. Closer to Melbourne that drops a little (more sunshine in the North!). A 13.2kW system is worth close to $4400. 

Replacing a gas hot water system will save you around $800 and about $900 if replacing an electric hot water system.

STC Zone Map
Victorian Solar Rebates

Solar Homes Program

Rebates that support Victorians to take control of their energy bills, tackle climate change and build a cleaner, renewable future.

The Solar Homes Program offers eligible Victorian households solar panel (PV) rebates and the option of an interest-free loan, hot water rebates, and an interest-free loan for solar batteries. There are eligibility criteria for these rebates and incentives. In common across all of them are:

    • you must be the owner-occupier of an existing property or the owner of a home under construction where the system is to be installed
    • the combined household taxable income of all owners is less than $210,000 per year
    • the property is valued at under $3 million, or a home under construction that will be valued at under $3 million at the time of completion

To help more Victorians save with solar and make the switch to an all-electric home, some recent changes to the scheme were made:

    • rebates and interest-free loans are now available to eligible households to replace their solar PV system if it is over ten years old
    • existing customers who received a rebate at their old address and have moved house, can now apply for multiple incentives for the property they have moved to if it is their primary residence
    • eligible property owners with a home under construction can apply for a solar panel (PV) rebate as soon as they move in
    • eligible rental providers can apply for a solar rebate for their rental property, saving on installation costs and reducing energy bills for renters.

Applying for the rebate

There are a restricted number of rebates available that are made available each month so you have to obtain pre-approval before we can install your new system. The process is fairly simple but they do require specific information. Before you can apply, you must have accepted a quote. Then we can lodge it into the rebate portal where you can select it. You then need to provide details about your home and income and verify your identity. With any luck, it will be approved on the same day. If not, it can take a week before it is looked at and they may require more information from you before it can be approved.

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Solar Homes

Victorian Solar Panel Rebate

The solar homes program provides rebates of up to $1,400 towards the installation of solar panel (PV) systems. These rebates are offered to Victorians with existing homes and homes under construction.

Eligible customers who have previously received a rebate and have moved house can apply. If your system is over ten years’ old you can also apply to replace or upgrade your system.

To further reduce installation costs, eligible Victorians can apply for an interest-free loan for an amount equivalent to their rebate amount. The loan is required to be repaid over four years or can be repaid sooner in one lump sum.

The $1400 rebate is usually shown as a discount on your quote. Often the loan is too but remember it still has to be paid back. This is especially important to keep in mind if comparing quotes where some include it and others don’t.

As a Victorian householder, you could receive a solar panel (PV) rebate if you meet the schemes ownership / income criteria above as well as the following:

    • the property address has not previously received a solar panel (PV) rebate under the Solar Homes Program
    • the property has not had a solar panel (PV) system installed in the last ten years*
Solar Homes

Victorian Solar Battery Loan

After several years, the solar battery rebate was being retired on June 30, 2023. From July 1, 2023, households looking to further trim their power bills by installing a solar battery can access an interest-free loan of up to $8,800. There are 4,500 such loans available for 2023/24.

As a Victorian householder, you could receive a solar battery loan if you meet the schemes ownership / income criteria above as well as the following:

    • the property address has not previously received a solar battery rebate
    • the property has a solar panel system with an inverter capacity equal to or greater than 5kW,or will have one installed in conjunction with the solar battery installation.
    • the energy storage solution has a capacity equal to or greater than 6kWh and is listed on Solar Victoria’s battery product list and the property does not have an existing energy storage system.
    • pre-approval is obtained from your Distributed Network Service Provider (DNSP) to safely connect a battery to the grid
    • the owner/s agrees to receive information from their Distribution Network Service Provider about taking part in battery trials to maximise the value households get from them.

Battery storage may not be suitable for all households and circumstances, and we recommend doing research as the first step on your battery journey, to check if a battery will be suitable for your household. The solar battery rebate is not available to homes under construction.


Solar Homes

Hot Water Rebate

You don’t need to have solar panels installed to have a solar hot water or heat pump system. That means installing one of these water heating systems is a great way to reduce your energy bills and lean into cleaner energy even if you don’t have the ability to install solar panels on your property, with a typical household able to shave $140 to $400 off their electricity bill per year.

If you already have solar panels you can still access this rebate. You can also access this rebate in addition to the Solar Panel (PV) Rebate if you want to install panels as well. 4,500 rebates are available in 2023/24.

As a Victorian householder, you could receive a hot water rebate if you meet the schemes ownership / income criteria above as well as the following

    • the property address has not previously received a hot water rebate or a solar battery rebate under the Solar Homes Program
    • the hot water system to be replaced is at least three years old from the date of purchase.

BONUS: Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs)

Heat pumps also create energy efficiency certificates under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. Like STCs, these are traded on your behalf and offered as a discount. The more efficient the heat pump, the more VEECS are generated. You can expect around a $400 to $480 further discount for VEECs.

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