Competition Terms and Conditions

The prize is a solar PV system consisting of the following: 12 x 275W Seraphim Panels, 1 x 3kW Growatt Inverter, 1 x Solar Analytics monitoring system, installation and system warranty. If the panels or inverter are not available at the time of installation, they may be substituted for the equivalent of similar or greater capacity, chosen at 3 Phase Solar’s discretion.

The total value of this system is currently $3,970 after STC discount (02/05/2019).

The prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash. If the winner has purchased a solar system from 3 Phase Solar since 02/05/2019, they will be refunded the value of the prize or the full out of pocket cost of their purchase, whichever is lesser.

There is only 1 winner. The winner will be drawn at random at 4pm on Friday, June 21st, 2019. The winner will be announced on this website Monday, June 24, 2019.

This competition is open to anyone aged 18 years or over, but the system is to be installed at a home (owner occupied) within 20km of Bunbury to Busselton.

The winner can assign their rights to any eligible person living within the region described above.

The winner will have the opportunity to upgrade the system for the difference in retail price. It is not a requirement nor expected of the winner. If upgrading, Solar Analytics must still be included.

The system is to be installed as soon as possible after the draw. The system must be installed before the end of 2019. Further information will be required from the winner to enable utility approvals to proceed.

The system will be eligible for 54 small-scale technology certificates (STCs). The winner is required to assign these STCs to 3 Phase Solar or it’s agent. The winner will be required to pay the current market value of STCs at the time of installation if they refuse to reassign the STCs. As at 02/05/2019, the current market value per STC is $35.

The winner’s house may not be suitable for the prize. The panels must be clear of shade for 70% of the year to be eligible. 3 Phase Solar will make every attempt to provide the installed system and will explain what legislations or technical reasons may be preventing installation.  In this case, the winner should assign the rights to someone else of their choice. If they fail to nominate someone else within 14 days, the draw will be reconducted and a new winner selected.

Costs at winner’s expense: Meter upgrade or reprogramming as required. Charged by and through the winner’s electricity retailer, not through 3 Phase Solar. The installation of the system does not include bringing the customers switchboard up to current standards. If it requires upgrading, we can provide a quote before proceeding with installation. If this is unacceptable, the winner can arrange the upgrade themselves or assign their winners rights to someone else. 2 Storey installation may incur additional costs for access, to be determined on site inspection before installation.

The winner accepts that photos will be taken of the installed system with the intent to be used in future marketing. The winners suburb will be made public but not the address. Any photos of the winner themselves or testimonial provided by the winner will only be used with the winner’s permission.

All entrants accept that their details will be added to a mailing list / database and they may be contacted. Entrants will have the option to withdraw from any future communications after the first contact.

Only one entrant accepted per household. Each entry is validated before being entered in the draw. 2 Additional entries are provided when a consultation is booked with one of our consultants.