Enphase IQ8 microinverter to work during blackouts

Enphase just released a video detailing the company’s new grid-agnostic Ensemble system, built around the 8th generation IQ8 microinverter. This is very exciting stuff, particularly for those in areas prone to power outages.

More than 98% of solar PV systems around the world are grid tied. They are required to disconnect from the grid when there is a power failure. They simply can’t create their own grid when the power goes down.

Hybrid systems are starting to gain some traction, particularly as governments provide incentives to encourage the uptake of batteries. However these are still very expensive and are often limited.

Enphase has developed the Ensemble solution to combat this problem. There are five key elements of this solution.

  1. The IQ8 microinverters are the base on which the system is built. They have all the advantages of microinverters but this 8th generation is also grid agnostic; if the grid fails, they will continue to provide power to the home (with sufficient sunlight).
  2. The Encharge Battery is designed to optimize energy generation to save money when tied to the grid and maximize availability during emergency when off-grid capability is enabled.
  3. The Enpower switch seamlessly isolates a home for operation during a blackout.
  4. The IQ Combiner enables real-time connection of a solar system to the cloud with the most efficient, effective and reliable communication protocols. The IQ Combiner ensures the longevity of the warranty for the lifetime of a system and allows the installer and Enphase to troubleshoot if needed to provide the best ROI.
  5. The Enlighten Cloud Software delivers real-time monitoring and insights of solar generation, energy usage, connection to the grid and battery usage.

Manufacturer release dates are usually optimistic but we expect this Ensemble system to be available in Australia in 2020. In the meantime, the IQ range of microinverters will be compatible with the new system so you don’t have to wait to install a system.